Southern Hospitality & The Ideal Wedding Venue

I woke up this morning thinking about SOUTHERN hospitality. What is it?

Growing up with very modest means in a small bungalow in the country there were certain unspoken lessons that remain with me today.

There was no money for opulence or as we called it then “putting on the dog”.

Hours were spent cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, weeding, putting our best foot forward. Most importantly, you knew someone was coming to visit and you wanted them to feel that you were excited about their arrival and yes, maybe even bake a cake! What ever you had, however meager, was to be shared to make guests feel welcome.

Think about visiting someone for the weekend. The lawn is not mowed, the house in disarray, no food prepared, the television blaring as you sit to talk. Do you feel that anyone is excited or at the least happy for you to be there?

As we are working on gift bags for an upcoming nuptial to be placed in the hotel rooms for out of town guests, I’m thinking about how we can make these reflect our southern hospitality here at Sundara. To be sure, the items placed must be meaningful – don’t think we’ll be just throwing in stuff just to fill the bag!

The small details of your wedding, (whether you decide to do gift bags or not) deserve careful thought. And it is very important to work with vendors who share your vision of how you would like your special day to unfold.

The wedding is all about the bride AND the groom AND also the guests.

If the bride and groom stay true to themselves and host a wedding that reflects who they are, that is a step in the right direction of making guests feel comfortable.

It takes more than money to make guests feel welcome and that’s where Sundara’s southern hospitality comes in!