Best of 2014- Shoes

Ah, shoes. Another wonderful part of the wedding. I always love seeing what shoes our brides have picked out. A lot of them got smart in 2014 and opted for ballet flats or wedges. I mean, hello, outdoor wedding. There is grass.

And then usually around 8pm, the flip flops are out. Praise.

So here is my ode to the short life of wedding shoes.

Kemper Mills Fant Photography


Clockwise: Rabiah Khwaja Gohar Photography | Sam Stroud Photography | Sam Dean Photography


Clockwise: Jessica Schaffer Photography | Brett Winter Lemon Photography | Kemper Mills Fant Photography | Sam Stroud Photography


Clockwise: Sam Dean Photography | Lori Hedrick Photography | Laura’s Focus Photography


Clockwise: Kemper Mills Fant Photography | Cricket Powell | Kemper Mills Fant Photography


Clockwise: Kemper Mills Fant Photography | Chelsa Yoder Photography | Lori Hedrick Photography | Jen Fariello Photography
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